Must. Keep. Laughing!

How many trips to the grocery store does it take to remember to buy that one item that you went in there for in the first place? I will let you know as soon as I succeed with getting the item!

One of the joys of aging…watching the memory slips and lapses. I can remember what happened decades ago, but can’t tell you what I had for lunch yesterday.

So off to the grocery store I went to buy a bit of gum, which helps me when I don’t want to eat out of whatever feeling I may be trying to deal with (or avoid) in the moment.

Exit the grocery store, with needed items. Which did not include gum.

Off to the drug store to buy some needed items,….great, I thought, I could buy some gum from there.

Exit drug store with items, without gum.

Off to the grocery store once again, for something that I needed to bring to a friend. Exit grocery store with that item – but , yes, you guessed it, once again with no gum.

Ok, at this point, I had to sit down and laugh at myself. Maybe, I thought, it’s the Universe telling me to not chew so much gum.

Is it frustrating? Yes, Is it a bit scary? Yes, at times. But mostly, it’s pretty funny. Which, I think, is the attitude that I need to maintain with some of these age related changes that I notice.

I’m still functioning, I am still alive and healthy and doing well. Without that gum.

I am still enjoying life after retirement – enjoying writing, painting, and simply being alive.

I still remember to get dressed before I leave the house, turn off any appliances that need to be turned off, put the milk in the refrigerator and not the cupboard….all in all doing ok. I am grateful.

Now, what is it that I was supposed to buy at the grocery store????

2 thoughts on “Must. Keep. Laughing!

  1. Josaia, I love your attitude! Having a sense of humor can make all the difference in the world as far as aging is concerned, stress, and life in general. You are an inspiration to others our age. Keep up the good work. And enjoy your life!!


    1. Thank you so much! Laughter really is essential….. As are tears when they come as well. It’s quite a ride, this life. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement! Yes, to life!


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