Random Moments of Connection

I live alone and truly enjoy solitude. I also cherish real and deep connection. And I am constantly surprised at how and when these gifts of connection can show up.

I was home yesterday, as I had an appointment scheduled for the pest control service to show up. (I struggle with this whole concept of pest control as well, but that is for another post).

This lovely young man showed up at my door, ready to provide the service and asked what I needed. He was friendly and respectful, and seemed open and wanting a conversation.

So we began talking as he prepared to do his work. And I found out that he was in school , studying both graphic arts and technology. That he was helping his grandmother with some projects around the house. That he loved being around trees and nature (my house is surrounded by trees). That he loved art and hoped to have his career revolve around that.

I happen to be an artist as well. So we talked about art. And I found myself encouraging this young man to never let go of his dream. I shared that I had reconnected with my dreams of being a both a writer and an artist only after I retired two years ago. And that I was so thrilled to see that those parts of me had waited for me to come back home to them. I encouraged him to follow his soul and passion in his life.

At one point, I thought that perhaps I was being too talkative, taking time away from his work. So I mentioned that I should let him do his job. He responded that we could keep talking if I wanted to walk with him while he worked. What a delightful invitation, and one that felt genuine and heartfelt. So we kept talking. And I showed him some of my artwork. I told him about my favorite art store and where it was.

He talked about being excited to get some canvasses to paint.

We agreed that he would send me a photo of his first canvas. He smiled at my request for this. And also offered to be available to help with any tech assistance that he could offer, since part of our conversation had been about my frustration with some of this. How sweet and kind.

He left, texted me with a thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.

A sweet connection. A surprise encounter. A lovely gift. A sharing of a common passion for art, for that expression of soul and spirit. A meeting of two that on the surface would seem to have absolutely nothing in common with each other.

All we need is to be open to what may be right in front of us at any moment. We are all connected in some way. We only need to find the common language that we share. Beyond age, beyond any obvious differences. Members of our tribe are hidden in the most delightful of places!

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