Ode To Turning 69 (WTF?????)

Photo by Guido Jansen on Unsplash

Twas the year before seventy, and all through my head

Fears of ever more wrinkles and jiggles filled me with dread

Notes of things to remember were posted with care

In hopes that my memory would soon meet me there

The skin creams were stacked on the counter in line

With dreams of smoother skin in a short period of time

And me in my nightie, for only my eyes

With hopes to wake up in the morning more wise

And up I dashed to the bathroom for a quick tinkle

Playing beat the clock before I could sprinkle

I see now what they mean by the term “Golden Years”

Refers to a liquid that is not your tears

And being of a “certain age” refers to what I must know

 I need to be certain of each restroom’s location wherever I go

I don’t drive as much as I used to at night

The eyes don’t see quite as well and can be given to fright

I become more invisible and yet I am told

That I must do all that I can to avoid looking old

I have much experience and wisdom to share

Yet sometimes as seen as only laughable here

“Cute” works fine for a baby and child

Not so much for a woman still wild

I am all that I have been and now even more

Yet only seen for the wrinkles, saggy skin and signs of aging galore

I am written off, discounted, cast aside as done

When truly my soul feels as if we have only just begun

Grief is a more constant companion these days

And has much to teach me in its bold and harsh ways

Time grows shorter and sensitivity grows

Tears come more easily, along with the highs and the lows

All are part of the fabric of this sacred strife

All part of this sacred gift of our life

There even seem to be rules for how aging is done

Have we not had enough rules when we were young?

It is time to be truly ourselves and be free

It is time to embrace all that we can still be

To laugh, cry, and love….and enjoy all the sides

Happy aging to all, and to all a great ride!

(With apologies to “Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingstone Jr! No disrespect meant, only the very necessary laughter needed for this aging journey! I find that I needed some lightness on this, my 69th birthday! I hope this brings a smile!)

(Also posted on Medium and submitted to Crow’s Feet)

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