Morning/Mourning Tears

Grief and mourning come in waves I woke up with tears this morning. They come when they like. I have learned to simply be with them. And learn from them. And talk with them. I just got back from a lovely week in Oregon. I traveled with a friend whose daughter lives up there. This … Continue reading Morning/Mourning Tears

The Mosaic of Self

Remembering, Seeing, and Appreciating all the Pieces of Ourselves When I look into the mirror these days, I see an older face. Lined, sagging, dimpled (and not in a cute way). And I see how it may be easy to put myself into a category. Older woman, Aging woman And how easy it may be … Continue reading The Mosaic of Self

Feathered Grief

Grief for a juvenile peregrine falcon Lindsay, a juvenile peregrine falcon that many of us had been following via a webcam at UC Berkeley, was found dead yesterday. They think that another hawk got her, as she was found close to the nest of another hawk. Perhaps she got too close to their nest. I … Continue reading Feathered Grief

The Piano Not Played

Remembering dreams of childhood I have a piano in my living room that I have moved with me for at least three decades. It sits there, waiting.  I used to dream of playing the piano when I was a child. It called to me. People would tell me that I had “piano hands”, long fingers … Continue reading The Piano Not Played

Wisdom From A Sequoia

Learning from the seasons of a tree I love a tree that shares the land with me, a giant sequoia. It is majestic, calming, powerful, steadfast, a solace and comfort to me. I touch it frequently, making contact with this incredible life form. I feel its roots that reach deeply into the earth, as I … Continue reading Wisdom From A Sequoia


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