Elephant lessons

I am very lucky to be able to volunteer at our local zoo I am on the Behavior Observation Team….We track behaviors to make sure the animals are doing well and if there is anything unusual or different going on that needs to be attended to. I observe the elephants. These big, beautiful, sacred creatures. … Continue reading Elephant lessons

The Gifts of Aging

Here we are in a new year……2021. I write those numbers amazed at how quickly the years have gone by. How quickly my own years have gone by. How did I get to be this old? When did that happen? I remember my father looking in the mirror and asking, only half in jest, “who … Continue reading The Gifts of Aging

Squeaky lessons

Life is humbling…and my most recent lessons in humility come from an 11 year old kitty named Squeaky. I have lost my two 17 year old kitties recently and have been deeply in grief. No way did I think I would be ready to adopt another kitty for quite some time. Then I was told … Continue reading Squeaky lessons

The Call to Solitude

Today I take the journey once again to my place of deep aloneness…. intentional solitude. Christmas is over…. it’s almost a new year. May it be a better one. I live alone, and was grateful this year to have the company of two friends for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. All three of us … Continue reading The Call to Solitude


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