Waking Up Sad

I woke up feeling so very sad this morning, I am not really sure of all the reasons why, but here it is. And so I ask my sadness to talk with me. Sadness is part of life. And it, for me, is especially so as I continue part this aging process. Losses continue. Losses … Continue reading Waking Up Sad

You Are Reason Enough

Time with yourself is also a commitment I find it interesting that it is acceptable to decline a social invitation if we have other social commitments already scheduled. However, declining these invitations because we have scheduled time to ourselves can be seen as less of a justifiable reason. Somehow, the norm is to be social … Continue reading You Are Reason Enough

In Defense of Vanilla

Strange title and topic, yes? So sometimes I think deep thoughts and sometimes my mind goes to lighter fare. which eventually then turns into more than what it seems on the surface. Life lessons and messages often do come in the most interesting of places and ways. Vanilla. I have had history with vanilla. I … Continue reading In Defense of Vanilla

Brought To My Knees

It’s been one hell of a time in our country. Mass shootings now seem to be happening more frequently. heartbreakingly. It’s hard to try and get back to whatever a “normal” life is. Normal has taken on such a different meaning anymore. Pandemic is now a constant part of our life, there are shootings, insane … Continue reading Brought To My Knees


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