The Wonder of Whales

Back from a trip to see the whales of Baja. Still in pure awe.

Photo by Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

I was lucky enough to take a trip to see the whales of Baja, Mexico. Up close and personal. 

I had been on whale watching trips before, and loved them. But those trips were to see whales from more of a distance.

This trip was something else all together.

Traveling alone, and being older, I feel more comfortable going with a group where we are taken care of and guided the whole way. I traveled with Natural Habitat Adventures. They are wonderful, and I also feel good that they are connected to the World Wildlife Fund, which I support. 

The older that I get, the more connected to the earth that I feel. And the more that I want to do my small part in trying to help heal and conserve her beauty. 

So there we were . A group of 15 of us, most of us being older folks able to travel now and enjoy some of the things that we didn’t perhaps have the opportunities to enjoy while younger and working full time, raising families, tending to responsibilities. People, in this particular group, from all over the US and Canada. Couples and singles as well.

Off we went to the Whale Camp. Staying in cabanas where each cabin had one light that they requested be turned off at 10pm. Most everything was solar powered and power was conserved wherever possible. We were able to recharge our various devices in the main cabana, where we would all gather to eat, listen to educational talks about the whales and about the area. WE became a temporary family for that week in time. 

Windy and chilly at night, we learned to truly love the softest flannel sheets that I have ever experienced, and snuggle under layers of blankets. Stepping out at night to a sky completely filled with stars. Breathtaking.

Twice each day we would go out on the skiffs to see the whales. Huge grey whales. Mamas and their calves. Males and their magnificent breaching. 

And, as we would hold our breath, we would wait to see if any of the whales would want to come up to our boats to interact with us. Their choice. As it should be.

The calves were curious, coming closer to the boats with their mamas close by keeping an eye on everything. And they came, these calves. Right up to the boats. Raising their heads up enough to allow touch. Rubs and gentle scratches seemed to bring them pleasure. And the laughter and reactions from those of us of the human species on the boats was contagious and expressed a delight that really has no words adequate to describe it.

To experience touching and interacting with such a different species and to feel the connection in that moment is magical. To watch and feel a boat full of seniors suddenly become delighted children once again. To watch and feel and touch each other, these whales and us. To inhabit the same space in time together connecting in a way that has no words, needs no words. 

I am in awe of these magnificent creatures. Gliding close by us in our boats so gracefully as if in a water ballet. Spouting and spraying us. Diving under our boats to resurface on the other side. Most likely laughing at all of us quickly rushing from one side of the boat to the other in hopes of those precious moments of contact. 

Watching the breaching and magnificent displays. 

Watching as they raised their heads above the water and stayed there to get a look at all that was going on around them. 

Calves rubbing up against their mothers to reassure themselves that their mothers were still there and then coming back to us.

 These are very tactile creatures, we are told. Much touching of each other. And giving us such a gift of allowing touch between us. Two tactile species saying hello. A touch of love. 

There is much that I want to share and write about regarding this incredible trip. And I will. 

But for now, I am still floating in awe and wonder. 

I am amazed at how precious moments of such a sacred and magical nature can seem to erase all the surface differences between us. Can make age insignificant. Can make race and culture and state of being partnered or not…insignificant. Can make all those things that we have used to divide us…insignificant.

 These moments can make all the daily worries and stresses step aside for a while, as we become absorbed in the sacred moment of interspecies connection and relationship. To realize we are part of this sacred dance of life. All of us. There is no division. There is no us and them. No young and old. There is a sacred “we” as we are all in this one moment, touching each other, right here and right now. 

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