Aging Together With My House

My house , its various parts and appliances, and I are slowly declining together

Photo by Jana Shnipelson on Unsplash

 The washer repair guy came over yesterday to look at my old washer. His diagnosis made me stop and once again meditate on aging. This happens a lot these days. 

This washer has been here since I moved in, over twenty years ago. So, it has definitely had a life of service, which I very much appreciate. 

The repair guy cleaned out some of its pipes and then told me that the next time that something goes wrong, it would be time to call it a day for this washer and dryer set and purchase a new one. 

I immediately had feelings about this. Ok, so I have feelings about pretty much everything, especially as I continue on this aging journey. 

What was I feeling, I wondered?

I realize that I identify with aging things more and more these days. And now I even empathize with the washer in its aging process. I will need to replace it at some point. Maybe in a week, a month, a year. Who knows? And I feel sad. Sobered. And amused at my own feelings in some ways. A sense of humor is vital these days. 

Because I realize that I too am declining. At some point my time will be over. And that is hard to wrap my brain around for very long. 

It is important, I think, to carry that awareness of mortality inside of us. 

I think it helps me appreciate each moment more, to be present more with each breath of life still left. To be grateful to still be functioning and alive. 

So, today I did two loads of laundry. And the washer worked beautifully. Good for you, old girl, I said. You still have it in you. Was I talking to the washer or myself? Maybe both.

The dryer, however, seemed to be leaving things a bit damp…oh boy, here we go again. Truly it is a matter of time. As it is with me.

I can laugh at myself as I identify with my house (which is two years younger than my 69 years). And I can laugh at myself when I talk with the various appliances and things in need of repair. I understand, I say. I truly do. 

I may need to get servicing more myself as I go along, perhaps getting my pipes cleaned out and various things tuned up that can be tuned up. I need to keep using this body to keep it running. I need to get it checked a bit more frequently by the body mechanics and repair folks, also known as my doctors.

And at some point it will be the point of no return. For my washer and dryer. For me. 

So, until then, let me keep living and breathing and appreciate each moment of this amazing roller coaster ride of life. I am so very grateful for it all. And even more so when I realize the reality of mortality, the brevity of life. The preciousness of each moment. Each smile. Each laugh. Each tear. Each and every feeling that makes us human. 

11 thoughts on “Aging Together With My House

  1. I used to fix all my own appliances. Now I’ve become too old to do that anymore. Its all I can do to fix myself. Meanwhile, all my appliances are still going strong. I suspect most of them are doing that just for spite, as though they are in some sort of contest to see who can outlive me!

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  2. It’s weird how there’s this underscore of tick tock going on of inevitability, yet every now and then something makes me think of perhaps my sudden departure e.g., someone nearly crushed me t’other day. Anyways, I believe it’s none of my business as to when or how, but mine is to busy myself with living as jolly and as pleasant and as kind as possible. Perhaps being so jolly is the key to why people often mistake me for someone twenty years younger (which always makes me giggle inside).

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    1. Giggling inside, and out…. Along with the kindness that you mention… These are so vital to fully living. And I agree with you about being jolly helping to make others perceive us as younger. Laughter, seeing the humor in things, lightness of being…. These are the best youth enhancements!


      1. I agree. We feel better when we look for humor in our everyday lives. It’s hard if we are dealing with aches and pains or worse. As is well known, we are here only for a short time, may as well smile and giggle whenever we can! 🙂

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  3. I wonder what it means when we consider “planned obsolescence”? So many appliances these days aren’t expected to last more than a few years. And so many of them require the user to have a degree in computer programming. When you do get a new washer and dryer, be wary of the ones with too many bells and whistles. And good luck finding a set that doesn’t offer twenty different settings when all one needs is … wash and dry 😉

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    1. Indeed! My repair guy said he can get a simple basic set! Planned obsolescence indeed! Did I tell you that I have a 1994 Camry? Even the mechanic tells me that they don’t make them like that anymore! I identify with that! Lol….

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