Eternity in the Eyes of an Infant

Have you ever had a moment when you lost all track of time and space and were totally in this moment, right now, right here?

I have had moments like this before…..sometimes while painting, sometimes while walking on a beautiful beach, or a quiet sacred forest, or gazing into the eyes of an animal…..

The other day, I gazed into the eyes of an infant….and it was the most sacred moment. This lovely baby is less than three months old, the new baby girl of my sweet young neighbors. I went to visit, and when this baby’s mom asked if I wanted to hold her, I quickly said YES! ( I wanted to be respectful of space and distance and safety, so I had not asked, but was thrilled when the chance to do this was offered).

I took this baby into my arms, and she looked into my eyes (there is an old soul there, definitely) and we held eye contact for what seemed like hours, although I know it was only minutes. And when I talked with her, she made sounds in response, her eyes never leaving mine for a moment. Locked – together – in the moment. Everything else faded away.

I have never had children. I was an only child, so I didn’t get to be around other children or babies much. And yet, and yet – I felt like this moment was familiar, comforting, loving….

To gaze into the eyes of a life just begun. To gaze into the eyes of the future and feel that spark of hope once again for time to come. To gaze into eyes that do not hide, do not pretend, do not shy away, do not retreat from full contact. I could not look away. ( Why would I want to?) I saw humanity, life continuing beyond my life, the life yet to be lived, and the moment that we were sharing right then and there…..It touches me still. It will be with me forever. This gaze the other day with this sweet little baby allowed me to open myself into my own heart more… feel life in its fullness… be totally present to life at that time.

Where have we lost this connection? How did we learn to look away, hide our souls, cloud our eyes over with protection and walls that guard and shield? What difference would it make if we could gaze once again into each other’s eyes (and hearts, souls) and really see each other? Really be present with each other in our trembling brief time on this earth? Really witness the spirit within each other that unites us…

I saw eternity in that sacred moment, in the eyes of that infant. I saw her, and myself, and mySelf……We are all such glimmers of light and love that can shine from our eyes. May we relearn this more and more…..May we see eternity in each others’ eyes….and maybe, for a moment, feel how we are really not alone at all…..

5 thoughts on “Eternity in the Eyes of an Infant

  1. Oh boy, my naughty sense of humour just wanted to add a few words to the end of you post:
    “Then the baby pulled a scrunched up red face and started to scream like a banshee for her mother, so I handed her back”. 😂


    1. And that would be part of the whole picture as well!! Screams, diapers, spitting up, the whole shot!! I’m lucky to be able to visit and then go home…. Lol……
      And yet, still, there was something so magical about that moment…..
      I guess it’s like the rest of us, yes? We come as a whole messy package…. Gotta love it all…. Although some parts are easier to love than others!


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