So we are still waiting to find out the election results. I know that we are all aware of the tumultuous times that we are in, and this is another example. And so we wait…and wait….and wait – because that is all that we can do.

This makes me think of the patience that we can acquire as part of the aging process. It’s interesting for me to notice that the older that I get, the more patience that I seem to have for the important things as well as for things that I cannot control. And I notice the less patience I have with things (and perhaps some people) that do not seem to nourish my soul. But…for the important things, I have lived long enough to learn that waiting is a part of life, and also a part of wisdom. You cannot rush some things. You must wait.

And so one question becomes how do you wait? What quality do you give that time? How do you navigate the space of waiting? Can you be patient and trust that the process takes whatever time that it takes, and have trust and faith in the process? Can you remember that there are things and circumstances that you cannot control? To obsess about these results in only more stress for you, but doesn’t help the situation. How do you navigate the uncertain and in-between parts of your life? How can we learn and be gentle and kind with ourselves and others? How can we live life in the times of uncertainty? Because, and I see this more with my aging process, life is full of uncertainties. And how we handle that helps define our character as well as how we get to experience our lives. And how we learn how to connect rather than to allow tensions and uncertain times divide us from each other. We are together in this process of life. Take a deep breath. We can and will get through this…..together. This too shall pass and life will go on. May it do so peacefully, with kindness, grace and human compassion.

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