Older than dirt???

So I was part of a zoom meeting recently where different ages of women come together to offer their perspectives and experiences, which is lovely. One of the women, who is actually a few years younger than I, referred to herself as “older than dirt”. I, when it was my turn to speak, blindly went along and referred to myself that way as well. It felt awful, but familiar. It was not until another women of our generation spoke up about it and refused that label…it was only then that my awareness woke up. It saddens me that we (I included) can so easily accept derogatory labels in the name of laughing at ourselves. We hear what we say to ourselves. Our Spirit hears this. It’s time to speak lovingly to ourselves, to appreciate our years and wisdom. Yes, of course we all need to laugh at ourselves, but not in ways that slowly erode our self concept and definition and invite others to see us this way as well. We need to be careful of our language, especially toward ourselves. We deserve so much better. Yes, I am older -and will write about all the ways that this shows up. But, I will not call myself names just to get a laugh….not at the expense of how I define myself. Not any more.

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